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Investing in Private Equity

Minimum Investment

$100,000 is minimum investment at  10% Pref 




Securitize Investment Instrument

Our investors investment is securitized by our LP agreement which gives investors shares of ownership business acquisitions and assets equivalent to investment.

Benefits of Contributing to the Fund

Long-Term Wealth Environmental Sustainable Developments

Social Impact

Monthly Investor Newsletter Offering

Here at Fletchers Capital, we offer our investors monthly newsletters to keep informed about company movement and investing decisions. We believe in constant updates to keep our investors in the loop of our fund growth and decision making.

What makes our fund different?

Real Estate Experienced partners and operations team

Improving the Environment and Global Communities 

Sound investing principles we stand on to ensure 100% benefit for investors and our clients.

We provide our investors constant update through our Investors Portal

Transparent Communication.

Most deals funded are in the Southeastern Region.