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Lamar Fletcher founded Fletchers Capital Group LLC in 2020 as a private investment group aimed to help private investors earn short term capital gains. providing quality housing for families while improving one community at a time.

Fletcher's Capital

Lamar Fletcher founded Fletchers Capital Group LLC in 2020 as a private investment group aimed to help private investors earn short term capital gains on their invested capital in the Short-term rental space where he has managed over 42 short-term rental units for clients and 10 units in his own portfolio. Lamar has built a lucrative business using a process that has helped him to now be honored to be capital raising expert and an operator in the rental arbitrage space and single/ multi-family development space. He has developed a skill set in increasing revenue, driving value turning distressed assets to profitable investments. 

Lamar has been passionate about providing more affordable housing high quality units because he believes that every family should have quality housing despite their income level. High quality housing should be an essential from poor communities to rich. It is one essential of life that we all should share equal accessibility.

Fletchers capital was started by Lamar to help to improve and give all families adequate housing.

Above all, being a 1st-generation American from Atlanta, Ga, Lamar prudently took advantage of strong opportunities to jump into the Private Equity Space early on during his time in college. He is a proud graduate of University of Georgia in Business with a focus in Financial Planning graduating Cum Laude. 

Later, Lamar worked in New York off Wall Street for leading Private Equity firms in investors relations and Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. 

Lamar developed his Multi-family Real Estate skills serving as L.P already on two 20-million-dollar Multi-family Deals and serving heavily as a capital raiser helping to raise over 2.5 million from Private Investors. He has the expertise in raising capital and managing funds where he has now moved to lead as Fund Manager and operator on his own deals helping investors to earn financial freedom through our multi-family and single-family value add investments. Lamar doesn’t take lightly his investors’ investment and believes that every dollar invested should be treated just as if it was his newborn. Lamar has the ability to see hidden value in distressed assets turning massive profit share for investors in his firms investments

Past Accolade of success in the Private Equity:
Capital Raiser of over 2.5 million, STR Rental Investor 1.3 million

Fletchers Capital Group, LLC’s business has been built on continually searching for properties with hidden value, and that hidden value may be found in a number of ways. For instance, acquiring a property located in a soon-to-be-expanding local employment market or some other underlying economic condition can offer hidden value not always anticipated by novice investors. Management of the Firm also believes that hidden value can be uncovered with a well-planned and timely renovation and asset repositioning. It can also be found in an under-performing asset which will benefit from a revamped and more aggressive management approach.